What I’m Reading


Reading is fun. If you want more to read that I’ve enjoyed in the past, click here to be taken to URL: Unofficial Reading List, a blog where I share and share and share until my fingers fall off.


  1. The World In Words: A podcast about language and those who speak it. The podcast goes in-depth into various topics of language, culture, and the elements that make language such a unifying and divisive factor of our lives.
  2. 99% Invisible: Everything about the little things in life that influence our lives. Unknown stories, fun facts, and stories that are essential to know for interesting people.
  3. Very Bad Words: A podcast about bad language and our relationship with those words. Obviously, the language contained in these episodes is 100% family friendly and safe to listen to with the most-easily offended of your grandmothers.
  4. Friendshipping!: Lessons on how to be a better friend, what to do when others aren’t, and on the entire sphere of friendship.



  1. Just My Type” | Simon Garfield: “A book about fonts.” – The book cover
  2. The Design of Everyday Things” | Don Norman: Basically, a treatise on smart design that can be applied not just to physical object, but also to leadership
  3. Friendfluence” | Carlin Flora: How friends influence our lives from beginning to end–the types of impacts throughout life, and how we respond to the differences in friendships.
  4. But What If We’re Wrong?” | Chuck Klosterman: Taking a look at the present through the lens of the future as if it were the pasts. Yeah, take that  in for a second.
  5. Sacrés Français!” | Ted Stanger: Written in French, it’s a book about the French and their culture from the perspective of a man from Columbus, Ohio–and a contributor for Newsweek assigned to the Paris office of the paper for six years.
  6. Getting to Yes” | Roger Fisher and William Ury: Counted among the books that changed my life, this book can help you earn the trust of other people and keep it.


  1. The Phantom Tollbooth” | Norton Juster: A kid’s book, sure. But one full of wordplay and reminder that are just as valid–and important for adults to hear as well.

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash