What I’m Reading


Reading is fun. If you want more to read that I’ve enjoyed in the past, click here to be taken to URL: Unofficial Reading List, a blog where I share and share and share until my fingers fall off.


  1. The World In Words: A podcast about language and those who speak it. The podcast goes in-depth into various topics of language, culture, and the elements that make language such a unifying and divisive factor of our lives.
  2. 99% Invisible: Everything about the little things in life that influence our lives. Unknown stories, fun facts, and stories that are essential to know for interesting people.
  3. Very Bad Words: A podcast about bad language and our relationship with those words. Obviously, the language contained in these episodes is 100% family friendly and safe to listen to with the most-easily offended of your grandmothers.
  4. Switched on Pop: For better or for worse, pop music is one of the defining elements of our modern life. This podcast explains how pop music works–and arguably leads to a greater appreciation of Top 40 music. Arguably.
  5. Twenty Thousand Hertz: Explaining the origins of the world’s most recognizable sounds makes one a better human being.



  1. Just My Type” | Simon Garfield: “A book about fonts.” – The book cover
  2. The Design of Everyday Things” | Don Norman: Basically, a treatise on smart design that can be applied not just to physical object, but also to leadership
  3. Friendfluence” | Carlin Flora: How friends influence our lives from beginning to end–the types of impacts throughout life, and how we respond to the differences in friendships.
  4. But What If We’re Wrong?” | Chuck Klosterman: Taking a look at the present through the lens of the future as if it were the past. Yeah, take that  in for a second.
  5. Sacrés Français!” | Ted Stanger: Written in French, it’s a book about the French and their culture from the perspective of a man from Columbus, Ohio–and a contributor for Newsweek assigned to the Paris office of the paper for six years.
  6. Getting to Yes” | Roger Fisher and William Ury: Counted among the books that changed my life, this book can help you earn the trust of other people and keep it.
  7. Words that Work” |  Frank Luntz: How to craft language that convinces while still being truthful.
  8. Welcome to your World” | Sarah Williams Goldhagen: A book about how the environment we’ve built around us can influence our behaviors and lives.


  1. The Phantom Tollbooth” | Norton Juster: A kid’s book, sure. But one full of wordplay and reminder that are just as valid–and important for adults to hear as well.
  2. The Name of the Rose” | Umberto Eco: The exact opposite of the kid’s book above. This book is quite the challenging read, but full of interesting thoughts on the meaning of symbols.
  3. All the Light We Cannot See” | Anthony Doerr: I laughed. I cried. I reflected. A lot.

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash