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These other blogs are turteley awesome

If you think I am too wordy, check out my other experiment: The Two Line Poet Tree. This is exactly what it sounds like. Two line poems. It sounds easier than it actually is. Curious? Check it out!

Two Line Poet Tree

Reading is fun. If you want more to read that I’ve enjoyed in the past, click here to be taken to URL: Unofficial Reading List, a blog where I share and share and share until my fingers fall off.

In July of 2015, I asked some friends of mine to write some guest posts for Why Mondays Are Cool. With my planned studies abroad, I was unsure about my ability to contribute in the way I would have liked. That was me dipping my toes in the water. Now I’m taking the plunge. cosine&tangent is a blog exclusively made up of posts from friends, acquaintances, and those whose ideas carry an innate power.


Cover image by Wexor Tmg


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