Green means go

One of my many life motto is that green means go.

Not release your foot off the breaks. Not look both ways; all of that should already be done. Green means go.

There are so many adventures to be had and accomplishments to achieve that sitting idly by letting them pass is a waste of time at best and a complete departure from our life’s purpose at worst.

Basically, I’m type A.

The past few months have been a whirlwind of corrugate, people, lights, activities, trips, brunches, hikes, appointments, competitions, and broken records. The next few months are going to be pretty much full of the same. And I’m not alone, for most people on this planet, a single day is such a beehive of activity that we begin to wish for more time in a day or for an infinite life.

I don’t wanna live forever;

and not just because I know I’ll be living in vain.

There’s a parable out there. Its title long since lost to me in the ebb and flow of memory–but I do remember its premise:

Somewhere, there’s a world where people live forever.

In that world, its inhabitants take one of two mindsets: half of the people take advantage of the unlimited nature of their time and set out to do and see and try as many things as possible. The other half takes advantage of the unlimited nature of their time and relaxes knowing that there will always be plenty of time to do things should the desire arise.

Now, this world showcases two extremes: the classic Type A and the quintessential type B–two possibilities in a spectrum of mindsets. But what the parable also does is show that there are inherent flaws with both mindsets. Those who overdo it drive themselves into the ground and burn themselves out before their time. Those who underdo it begin to fade into the background having never made a name for themselves. .

The point of this whole thing, of course, isn’t to preach the virtues of either school of thought and even less so to denounce the other. Its purpose is to highlight the need for balance.

For those of us who would relax and take advantage of the unlimited time, take those leaps. Leave the comfort of the familiar and the stationary and find a project that excites you. Find a new hobby, learn how to skydive or rock climb, train for a marathon.

For those of you who–like me–are balls to the wall the entire time, search for the time to slow down. Tone down the competitiveness, breathe, and sit sans scheming. Escape the internal and external pressures of the world and take a long bath, go for a *slow* walk in the park, or take up yoga in many of its varied forms.

For most people who fall in a blend of both–keep going.

And don’t forget to take a breather every now and then.

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Cover image by Kalen Emsley

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