Great again

I’m not going to comment on 45’s actions or comments.

I’m also not going to comment on the quality of Corona.

But when the two come together, the create a poignant message that deserves to be carried. English translation below.

America, the land of opportunity. America is the land of opportunity: a land of more than a billion inhabitants.

A wild America.

A multicultural America.

A united America.

Stop using our name to generate divisions, that’s not who we are.

We’re a mixed land; and take pride in our colors. We’re the continent that touches both poles. We’re the bellybutton of the world and also it’s lungs.

We have hardworking hands and feet that create the most beautiful dance out of football.

We’re a continent that rumbles. We’re the largest supporters of cups. We’re hot blood with spicy tastes.

We’re poetry, art, and song. We’re the best-choreographed anthems. We’re constant revolution–and undeniable celebration.

We’re passion.

We’re everyone.

We’re 35 united states and today we fly under one sole crest; because we’re all Americans. That’s why America has always been great

Remember, people matter.

Cover image by Jerry Kiesewetter


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