7 short films worth writing home about

Fun fact, the week has seven days.

Another fun fact. This post has seven short films, with a short tagline each.

I’m not saying you have to watch one movie per day. All I’m saying is that you could.

7) What’s Virgin Mean

Parents have a tough time with that anyway.

6) Artoo In Love

Cupid is buzzing about looking for his next victim, let the force awaken in you.

5) One-Minute Time Machine

What would you do for love?

4) Alma

You’re next.

3) The Fleeting Little Life of Peter Wright

It gets better. Always.

2) The Gunfighter

The best ballet ever.

1)  Two & Two

Honesty is a virtue. So is obedience.

Cover photo by Lloyd Dirks

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Erik says:

    All awesome! Thanks for sharing, Raul. “Alma” was pretty terrifying for the genre. And what language is “Two & Two”?

    1. raulrgonza says:

      Thanks, Erik! “Alma” scared the crap out of me when I first saw it.

      “Two & Two” is in Farsi

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