Sometimes you just have to wing it

I’m not gonna lie. I’ve been waiting for a while for some good idea to hit. If you’ve been checking the page every day with baited breath waiting for some new post–you’ll know firsthand how I haven’t posted in a bit.

But y’know what. Forget waiting. Sometimes the best ideas come when you just wing it. Generally, one of the most common pieces of advice given to university students studying abroad is just to wing it–not to make too many plans in advance and to get lost and explore.

Last weekend, I flew to Dallas, Texas for the summer to start an internship with Amazon. I knew nobody. Sure, there were other interns, but:

  • Three of them were at a fulfillment center 30 minutes away, making it hard to meet up with them anytime other than during the weekend.
  • One is at my site, but isn’t starting until later and is living with her parents instead of the corporate-provided housing.

So I knew nobody in my immediate area.

That ended up being a good thing

Rather than bitch and moan and sit in my hotel room bored out of my mind, I did what I did best. Being a social person, I hopped online to try to find some communities that did things I was into. After some extensive searching, out came the results: a rock climbing club and a French conversation club.

Slowly, by getting out of my room and exposing myself to complete strangers.

By being open to meeting new people and getting to know them, I’m starting to forge my own community in Dallas. Do I still have a ways to go?


But am I happy with the results?

You bet.

Roots in Dallas

Rather than just being friends with the other interns, who will leave the area and go back to their univeristies at the same time that I do, I’m making friends who live here. In turn, that means that should I ever return I’ll know people in this city. At the same time, I’m still getting to know the other interns–I’m just also stretching my circle bigger and bigger.

That never would have happened if I didn’t go exploring.

Feature image by John Cobb

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Erik says:

    Love this post, Raul. Stand out: “get lost and explore.” If more people took this mentality, we’d have an awful lot more happy, inspired and passionate people in the world.

    Way to make the most of things there in Dallas!

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