The joys of a complicated life

I could have had a simple final year at college. But I just had to go around and complicate it further.

The plan was simple, that last year, I was going to study abroad in the summer, take the rest of the time off, and come back for the last year to take the last classes I needed to take and graduate. It was a simple plan–failproof–and required little to no thought.

Then things got complicated.

Suddenly, everything

Just like that, I was getting internship offers from major firms that could teach more so much more about my field. Still wanting to study abroad, but torn between travel and the new, fantastic opportunity in front of me–I looked for a way to to both, because why not? Now, instead of that simple plan I had laid out, I aimed to:

  1. Accept the internship offer with Amazon because they’re masters of Supply Chain. And they’re Amazon.
  2. Apply to study abroad in the fall for an entire semester–longer than I expected to, especially after having mentally committed to the summer.
  3. Finish that last semester

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth inconveniencing yourself

Now, I’m a little over a week away from relocating to Dallas for the summer. Rather than laze the days away, I’m filling out paperwork, choosing flights, and coordinating everything I need for that internship. Instead of doing assorted college-y things, I’m applying for a French visa and the univeristy and fighting with the French bureaucracy (and spending way more money that originally planned with the simple plan, (love ya dad!).

But you know what? I’m glad I am.

A simple life leads to a simple person, with little exposure to new and challenging ideas. That’s never what I wanted for myself. There’s still so much uncertainty during these next few weeks–and an insane amount of air miles.

But at the end of the day, one thing I won’t be saying is “damn, I wish I had stuck with that simple plan.”

Taking opportunities

This is what that quote about learning to recognize opportunities is all about. What they won’t tell you is that in order to be able to do that–you are going to have to severely inconvenience yourself almost every time. Growth doesn’t happen without obstacles.

So bring on the challenge, and bring on that more complex life.

Feature image by David Marcu

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Erik says:

    “Growth doesn’t happen without obstacles.” You got that right.

    I believe that we can challenge ourselves and still choose to “live simply” (which isn’t always “easy”). In other words, in the midst of fully experiencing life, we can choose our battles wisely, choose happiness and peace rather than drama or negativitiy, choose to enjoy the excitement of new adventures without worry. But I agree: if life is TOO “easy,” you’re doing something wrong.

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