Met in Transit: Callen

Location: The Orange Peel, Asheville, NC.

Filed under good ideas:

  1. Brushing one’s teeth
  2. Eating asapargus
  3. Being kind to others
  4. Attending rock concerts in a city 4 hours away the day before classes start–and you have a 9am class–and you’re waking up at 4am–and the concert ended at midnight. But it’s Halestorm, though.

I especially recommend number two.

Yeah, earlier this week we were in Asheville, NC for a concert. And yeah, we totally had class the next morning. The thing is, going to that concert restored my faith in humanity in a small, small way.

Pardon the potato quality

It was a Big Ass Fan™ that brought our group and Callen’s together. The venue had that brand name fan to cool the patrons. While we were waiting for the concert to start, a friend of mine struck up a conversation about the fan with some people around us. The conversation kept going and going and going

and going and going and going and going and going until we became concert buddies.

The Worst Brings Out the Best

Normally, concert etiquette dictates that those who are already in a spot have the spot, like an adult version of finder’s keepers. As a whole, concertgoers are great at following that rule.


Occasionally, you get the inconsiderate hobknocker who refuses to abide by the rules and start shoving innocent people to fight his or her way to the front like an overly-invested player of Risk, as Eddie Izzard showed (NSFW language).

Well we got one of those people at this concert. And the beauty of that is that it brought everyone in the surrounding are together to fight this guy off. After much yelling, disagreement, and the literal stepping of toes. We won!

From then on, it was like we were part of the same group–we all danced, sang (terribly), and did other concert-y stuff like jump in place and move our arms around.

Had we not had that unfortunate incident with the bull in the china shop, there’s no way that we would have ever become as momentarily close as we did. Kids might be able to make friends really easily. But for adults, it seems like that skill has slowly died down into oblivion.


There’s a Whole World Out There

Full of life and stories. Part of the reason why I started Met In Transit was to collect the stories of some of those people I would never have otherwise remembered and would never see again. Callen was one of those people who made an impact on all of us.

To all of those unsung heroes out there. We salute you all.


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