How to fix your entire life in just one step.

  1. Stop reading articles with this title.

Life’s can’t be calculated as simply as 2+2, sqrt(25), or as…

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…can get calculated. There are so many moving parts involved in life that they begin to melt into an incessant parade of causes and effects.

The game of cause and effect known as life

One of the biggest complaints I have with self-help blogs, authors, and writers is that of the clean slate. Which is ironic, since I posted an article about fresh slates not too long ago. Think of this as part two of that post.

Sure, Mondays are great because they serve as a clean slate. But do I as a person who fails all. the. time. need to wait until Monday (or January, or 2015 or the 2020s or the advent of the Anthropocene era) to begin to make a change? A human life is just a progression of decisions we make and take. With those decisions come consequences that impact both me and those around me directly.

One of the main flaws lies in the penchant to use the new, completely arbitrary time period as a harbinger of change–trapping the readers and followers in a cycle of waiting for some imagined green light to change.

Well bah, humbug

I know that this new year, I’m going to be faced with the unknown with increasing regularity–more than I faced in 2011, when I started college. Let’s use hamburgers as an example. This is the amount of change I will be facing in 2015:

And below, what the change I faced in 2011 looks like compared to 2015’s promise:

By the way, 2011’s burger is a Whopper. Yeah.

Long story short, between a summer internship in Dallas and a semester in Lille I don’t know what to expect. I’ll be working for a very well-known company doing things I never thought I would get to do. From there, I’ll be going to the 23rd best business school in the world–behind juggernauts like the London School of Economics taking some masters-level courses in my field at IESEG.

Those are some serious numbers and acclaims; and it’s me that gets to step up to the plate to live up to them. Me. A boy from California living in North Carolina stepping up against the best America and Europe have to offer.

You bet your bums I’m going to have to change. I’m going to have to resolve to be more open and to live life slower. I have to learn to take breaks from things (like typing this sentence) to enjoy the littler things (like being able to put a stuffed squirrel wearing a Santa hat in my dog’s mouth so she can growl at me playfully)

But 2015 is only eight days away!

And? While I can keep up with my ways until January 1st then swear off everything cold turkey. It’s important for me to remember the most important part of the the arbitrarily chosen day of global change. It’s arbitrary.

I’m starting now. If the start date is arbitrary why can’t I start sooner? Why can’t I start making positive changes in my life earlier to cement them in my life earlier?

No one said I couldn’t, so just watch me.

You want to fix your life in just one easy step? Join me and start now. Take a deep breath and make that change now.


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