What Mondays Are, apart from Cool

I’m not going to be the one to say that Mondays are my favorite day of the week. That distinction belongs to the month of October (try and figure that one out). What I am going to say is that Mondays might just be among the most important day of the week.

A new slate

That’s what Mondays are. Mondays are great days because they’re fresh days. Mondays mark the start of another five days of arbitrarily-decided-upon-by-the-patriarchy society to do. Their main beauty is that it doesn’t matter what we do. We can do the dew for all it matters. The important part to remember is that Mondays are our one chance to start off on a positive note, and we only get 52.1775 of them a year. Over the course of an American lifespan, that’s 4166 weeks. Subtract out the amount you’ve already used up (I’ve used up 1100 at the tender age of 21, leaving me with 3066 clean slates until my demise) and it’s not a lot.

Between wallowing in my misery, wasting those 3066 remaining clean slates and putting those 3066 slates to good use, I know which option fits for me.

Though, why would anyone ever, do the Dew?

And look, I get it. For most of us, Mondays might mark the return to a boring and unfulfilling job at the place of our employment and I’m just a university student and what the heck to I know. To an extent, you’ve got a point. The world is boring and disillusioning and those who say otherwise are delusional. But let’s play delusional for a second.

The way we start matters

Going beyond that whole journey of a thousand miles single step cliché, I genuinely want to do well. If I’m going to make an effort, I want those efforts to be put to good use. Knowing that I’ve got a limit on how many Mondays I have, like any other amount of time I have, I’m choosing to type this sentence as I listen to “Fifteen” by Taylor Swift.

The secret to a happy Monday

While everyone else is distracted by the sheer fact that they hate Mondays, you’re going to be different. The first thing is to NOT walk into the room quoting Australian poet, Iggy Azalea

Praise Jesus, hallelujah

~Australian Poet Iggy Azalea

Being overly peppy on Mondays is just about the fastest way to be hated among others. No, the best thing to do on Mondays is in private. Instead of joining in on the misery express, try gathering yourself. Take a few minutes to make to-do lists, think about what has to be done and who has to be talked to and what you’d like to get done.

Then go about doing it.

Taking actions when others are inactive is a surefire way to make Monday cool. The best part is, when Mondays are cool, Tuesday & Friends come stringing right along.

Feature photo by Jeff Sheldon.


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  1. Erik says:

    You’re onto something big, Raul. Mondays are cool — when we CHOOSE to believe and act as if they are cool. That’s it. As with most of life, it comes down to choice. Life isn’t happening to us; we have the ability, through choice, to happen to LIFE. Sounds like you are doing exactly that.

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