It’s that little flame that lights a fire under your ass butt…It keeps you going strong like a car with a full tank of gas.

~Avenue Q, “Purpose”

The existence of our purposes has been up for debate since humans entered existence. Here’s the thing. I don’t care whether or not anyone believes in purposes or not. I do care that I never thought much about my own purpose until this past week.

I started with where I was.

At first, I thought that my purpose had to do with things I had done in my life. Without bragging to the internet masses, most of my life was relatively together. I went to a great school with great friends. I had built a productive and powerful network and knew what made me happy and what did not. I regularly tried out new things and experiences to expand my world view, and was able to talk to most people and be able to get by in a casual conversation.

I was relatively well put-together.

That has nothing to do with my purpose

After thinking some more, I found a problem. The problem is, life achievements don’t mean anything and neither does knowing ones likes and dislikes. Like brushstrokes on a canvas, achievement only truly has meaning when there’s a framework. The brushstrokes I originally considered my purpose were there but what I really needed was something to help put those achievements together in such a way that I could pull a narrative together about myself to tell myself.

So I sat down in my thinking chair and thought. Thought. Thought. (Also, fun fact for those who tried to find the Thinking Chair song from Blues Clues on YouTube. It’s not there. Someone should address the case of the missing childhood icon).

And I think I’ve found my purpose.

It came down to my main drive.


My main purpose is others.

Since I was a kid, I had friends, teachers, group members, coworkers, and coaches comment on my habit of helping others find what they were good at. By no means was I an expert. But I was able to use my position–regardless of whether or not I was in a leadership role, to help someone else learn about themselves and to inspire them to become the best darn human to have ever walked on this planet.

To date, the comments that give the most amount of pride have to do with me making someone’s day by inspiring them. I live for it. I love seeing others come up with their own ideas and giving them the floor to explain it. With every chance they get, their ideas get better.

I love talking to a person who’s struggling with a concept or an idea, figuring out what is blocking them, and seeing the look on that someone’s face when he or she realizes that the ability was there all along.

I love talking to someone, finding out what inspires them, and stoking that flame–convincing them to follow a passion or an idea with the hope that they will become one of the next greats.

I love finding out what ideas people have for themselves and offering any resources I have to help them succeed.

I love it so much.

My purpose in life, the guiding energy behind all of my efforts has been, is currently, and will be for the foreseeable future the satisfaction of lighting a fire within someone else. It doesn’t matter if that person is a complete stranger. I want success for them.

Reworded,my purpose is to be intentional about being positive. It’s about striving to bring out the best in others and offering genuine assistance when I can.

I will not rest until the world is a better place.

Photo credit to Little Visuals


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