Meet Amelia Rose Earhart, she plans on flying around the world and live-tweeting the whole thing

This is not a headline from the late 1930s. First off, back in the 1930s, they didn’t have this great an image resolution:

This, ladies and gents, is Amelia Earhart. Photo by John S. Miller via FlightClub

or jets…but that doesn’t matter, because this Amelia Earhart is planning on finishing the ill-fated voyage of her namesake.

1937, while attempting to find Howard Island in a bad storm, her plane vanished. No trace was ever found. Search effort after search effort was launched to find the brave aviatrix to no avail.

Amelia Earhart and he Lockheed Electra, photo from Wikimedia

2014, an ex-news anchor for Denver’s NBC station plans to recreate Earhart’s flight as best she can in a Pilatus PC-12

With modern flight instruments, satellite tracking, the full ground support of Rolls-Royce (the engine manufacturer), and the ability to live-tweet the whole thing, Amelia stands a chance this time.

According to FlightClub, Amelia Earhart is planning on recreating Amelia Earhart’s flight as close as she can with regard to global events like the World Cup and war (in Africa). And I’m rooting for her. Someone who found their interest in aviation because of her name and who had the initiative to learn to fly by herself deserves a high-five in my book.

What’s more? She started a foundation to help girls get involved with aviation. The foundation has money set aside for scholarships–to be given to the winning applicants as she crosses the point where Amelia Earhart disappeared.

Amelia’s round-the-world route. Via FlightClub

So go forth, Amelia! Fly! Fly like the wind!

For an interview with the brave aviatrix, click here

To follow her on Twitter, click here

To check out her foundation, Fly with Ameila, as well as to donate, click here

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