9 Childhood Activities to Rediscover this Summer

1) Playing Out Late

Kinda like this, except the park equipment is optional. Source: pbase.com; Photographer: Robin Reid

I’m not talking about hanging out late or going out for beers. I’m definitely not talking about video games. I’m talking about going for a walk and finding a field to lie in and not moving until you absolutely want to. I’m talking about starting a game of freeze tag in the streets with people you know. Or football or soccer or ring-around-the-rosy, EXTREME EDITION. Sure, you won’t be able to do everything, but it’s amazing how many childhood games can be easily adapted to make them more fun, challenging, or acceptable for adults.

2) Not being afraid of the sugary world

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake Topped with Homemade Twix Bars. Click on the picture to be taken to the recipe! Source: hugsandcookiesxoxo.xom

This one can be dangerous. Yes, on one hand we do have to keep an eye on what we eat and how much we work out. But a zombie-like obsession with health leads to the risk of a moderate to severe state of being of boredom. Don’t be boring. If we learn to balance spinach and artichokes with Twix, Flan, cakes, scones, ice cream, cookies, egg nog and sundry sweets we can achieve King Size happiness.

3) Leaving Time to Let Imaginations Run Wild

Imagination is nice. Source: tiffanylao, click to go to her blog.

Before the age of 15, it’s called being imaginative. After the age of 15 or earlier if we get the means to get that imagined thing into the physical world, it’s called being visionary and creative. It’s something that university students and professionals take courses on to learn to re-unlock that fountain of imagination that we have inside of us. What better and more inspiring time than the summer to unlock our imagination and let it run wild and free.

Go ahead, pretend that the box your new fridge came in is a spaceship or a Bugatti Veyron. You deserve it.

4) Thinking of McDonalds as a 5-Star Restaurant

McDonald’s in Asheville, NC near the Biltmore Estate. This thing has a baby grand piano inside. Source: blueridgetravelguide.com

This one is going to take lots of imagination. That’s why it doesn’t necessarily have to be MacDo’s. Just any place that’s a little out of the ordinary. As kids, we loved a trip to McDonald’s for the simplest of reasons: Happy Meals. It was a magical land with adventure at every turn. Now that we’re older, we realize just how crappy unclean those places were. All it takes to reclaim the pleasure of eating out is to makes the decision to do so. Maybe going out of your usual list of restaurants can work wonders. And the beauty of it is, you now *hopefully* have a little more money to go somewhere with better food and a semblance of atmosphere.

The interior of the McDonald’s with the piano in sight. Source: Trip Advisor

5) Making New Friends

Source; The Clown Nose Club at NC State

Kids make friends almost effortlessly. The only thing holding us back from making friends easily is something known as the “Anxious Bump.” With a little bit of effort and attention we, too, can find a small detail to connect with someone. It doesn’t mean we’re not gonna fail. But it might just mean we’ll leave with a new, budding friendship. And that’s a pretty damn awesome thing.

6) Climbing Trees and Falling Off

Source: Popular Mechanics

Injuries suck. A LOT. But without them, we’d never have life experience and stories. Living our lives in constant fear of getting cut or of pulling a muscle relegates us to sitting in a chair looking wistfully while others go do sh!t with their lives! Don’t sit in a chair looking wistfully while others go do sh!t with their lives. Turn off DirecTV and go outside.

7) Going Out for Ice Cream Like You Said You Would

Some of NC State’s Howling Cow sounds GREAT right now. Source: NC State Univeristy

As a kid, you would always threaten your parents that you would go buy ice cream every day when you were an adult. Now that we all know it’s a bad idea, it’s still a promise worth keeping in a modified form. Open up the Google and type in “nearest ice cream shop”. Your 5 year old self will do that dance ze used to do.

8) Being a doody head

They sell a Doody Head game. Of course they do. Source: https://whymondaysarecool.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/5c968-6a00d8341c5dea53ef015436d8c3e2970c-800wi.jpg

Just be sure to do it  in a nice way. Face it, the seasonal summer is 93 days long. At some point during those 93 days, there will be at least one instance of you screwing up. The problem with that is that sulking and hiding in shame is the new norm for dealing with those mistakes. The best solution is to just laugh it off. It’s a sign of confidence, and as the very trustworthy source WikiHow says:

Laugh at your mistakes; you’ll seem more happy. –WikiHow, “How to Make People Think You Are Confident”

But all seriousness aside, we don’t have time to be sad about every screw up we’re going to make in the next 93 days, let alone our lives.

9) Telling Your Parents You Love Them

Source: http://www.bubblews.com/assets/images/news/1719953576_1379379385.jpg

They raised you up so you can stand on mountains. And so you can make musical references. Does this really need any explaining? Call them right now and show them the love. They’ll appreciate it.


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