Met In Transit: The Couple from Maryland

Date: April 11, 2014

Transit Method: Elevator in Talley Student Union Center (I just hate the term “Student Union”).

Springtime at a university means tours. Tours everywhere. Tours everywhere means students and parents looking like this:

0 Source: Imgur

One day, while heading from Talley to the library to meet a friend, I ran into a couple from Maryland. They were on campus for an “Experience NC State event” and were looking for opinions.

Needless to say, they found the right person.

The conversation started when they asked me about my major and whether I liked it where I was. That led to job placement rates for the College of Management, the College of Engineering, NC State University which in turn led to the City of Raleigh and the Research Triangle and before I knew it, half an hour had passed.



But the couple left with knowledge. Real knowledge: the pretty and ugly of the school. To be honest, they left with a real perspective on campus, tips on a great places to eat, the phone number of a club member from the Maryland area, and so much more. I left with an invitation to get in touch with them if I were ever in the Maryland area.

Sometimes, all it takes to make a positive change in someone’s life is honesty. Real conversations stem from showing that you care about them. Because you do care for them.

The rewards are surprising.



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