Why I’m not posting on here as often

For those of you who began following my at the beginning of the summer (aka, the start of Why Mondays Are Cool), I used to post twice a week: Monday and Wednesday evenings. And it worked pretty well back then.

But I also had a backlog of topics and a 8-5 work schedule that worked well for schedule setting. Being back at university with events and meetings popping up on random days, it’s harder to set a writing schedule that allows for constant quality writing.


On the topic of quality writing, lemme touch base on that for a sec. Many of my early posts were kinda bullshitty, not that they sucked, but that they were almost a form of material to give WMAC a backlog of material so that now, one the blog is more mature, I could slow down the amount of posts to be able to provide more quality material.

Don’t worry, Mondays will always continue to be cool and they’ll be cool for a long, long time. And I will keep posting on here.

I just want to make sure that when I hit a key, it’s to type a quality word.

A word like: Pfeffernüsse.

The Pfeffernüsse is a German spiced cookie. NOM.

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