Put your phone down and interact! All for a great cause

I love my HTC Windows Phone 8X. I love it so much I named it Oliver (not really). Oliver offers a combination of beautiful interface design, portability and constant connection to those people and things that I care about. But Oliver’s got a couple of problems: namely that it doesn’t let me stay in the moment and interact with those I’m currently with.

Between the deluge(s) of email and texts and tweets and Facebook comments and messages and Snapchats and Google searches there seems to be no time for talking and laughing and sharing and walking and watching the clouds roll by on a lazy Thursday afternoon.

Support the UNICEF Tap Project to help children in need get access to clean water. SOURCE: UNICEF Tap Project

But now, you’ll have the perfect excuse: “I’m supporting UNICEF provide a day’s worth of clean water to those in need.” Long story short, you go to the website and do what they need you to do to get set up; namely giving access to the site to use you accelerometers. Once you do that, you set your phone down. For every 10 minutes you go without touching your phone, you can help provide clean water for an entire day for a child in need. That’s a pretty darn good use of your time.

Click here to go to the UNICEF tap project page and start helping today! If you’re on your smartphone, even better: that same link will help you get started.

What are you waiting for! PUT THE PHONE DOWN.

Want more information? Click here to watch a video about the project.


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