Wiggle your fingers and move your arms. Appreciate it all.

My French cultures course has had me watch a wide array of movies ranging from the pretty crappy to the pretty good. Thus far, the french films that we’ve watched have been ok. But then, everything changed when the fire nation attacked the week before Spring Break.

On the day of the last class before we had the pleasure of watching a movie just for ships and giggles: “Les Intouchables“, or “The Intouchables” in English.

Source: IMDB

Long story short, this is a movie about Driss, a poor man from the projects who gets hired by Philippe, a wealthy quadriplegic to be his caretaker. The audience is treated to seeing Driss struggle with the position and his definition of what it is to be a man and a success.

Sure, this movie has its sad parts: there are some scenes that just want to make you call your mother or your significant other and tell them just how much you love them–there are scenes that make you want to hug your legs and your torso and cherish your hands and arms. But despite all of the misfortune and the sadness, this guy’s a comedy.

And what a comedy it is. I admit it, I roflcoptered. Hard. Repeatedly. But apart from this film making me sound like a walrus practicing its vocalizations, it also made me think.

Phillipe had his health. And though he lost it by being reckless (he broke his two lower vertebrae in a paragliding accident), he still lost the ability to use his arms and legs. As an added layer of sadness, Philippe and Driss are real people. “Les Intouchables” is based on a true story.


I guess, long story short, what I really want to say is that sometimes we just need to stop and appreciate our ability to do things like that. We need to wiggle our fingers and toes, relish the sensation of a pencil and pages and keyboard keys on our fingertips. We should pay attention to how our arms and legs feel swinging as we walk.

Maybe then we can realize it before it’s gone: we can do A LOT. And sometimes, that’s all we need to be happy.


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