Me, advocating for buying a useless $120 watch from Norway that vibrates every five minutes

Back in August, I was a passenger aboard Amtrak train number 79: the Southbound Carolinian from Raleigh to Charlotte. The train, a box on specially designed wheels designed to ride on rails and transport mass quantities of people to their destination, was running late, a condition defined as taking place after or beyond the normal time.

Being used to this kind of travel, I wasn’t too terribly angry about the delay until after boarding. A quick technical detail: whenever trains run late, the late train usually yields to a train that is on time by waiting in a siding–which is exactly what we did on this occasion.

The train pulled over onto the siding and shut down, leaving my fellow passengers and me in the darkness. Waiting, hoping for a change in our sorry state. Waiting for the on-time wheeled box to fly past us a no faster than 79 mph and waiting to recommence our travels through the untamed wilds of North Carolina.

Northbound Amtrak Carolinian in Raleigh, NC | Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Sadly, this had nothing to do with anything. The main point here is that we waited. And waited and waited and waited and as we waited,  time seemed to stretch into a substance akin to saltwater taffy on the spinny things that make it stretchy.

This kind of taffy machine | Photo from Bulk Candy

Einstein published his paper on relativity in 1905, and is thereafter famously quoted as saying:

When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That’s relativity.

That is what Durr tries to make us all aware of. As a product of Norwegian design firm Skrekstore, long story short: this watch does not tell time.

It does not display time.

You cannot adjust its vibration feature

You can turn it on and off

It costs $120

And every five minutes it vibrates to tell you that five minutes have passed. Click here for an informative video!

So why would anyone in their right mind buy something as useless and expensive as this? As the French would say: Pourquoi pas?

See, what this watch does is make us aware of the passage of time. By buzzing every five minutes, we receive an objective view of the passage of time. For people trying to go on a time diet, which is a rigorous schedule that discourages slack-off time, this watch helps keep them aware of time wasted.


Fact of the matter is that we don’t always know we are wasting time. But with Durr, we would get a reminder that five minutes of our lives have just gone by. For us, that means that we can, in time, learn to take our lives by the horns.

So yes, had I the money I would totally buy a Durr. My time is worth more to me than that. And one day. I will join the group of people who buzz every five minutes. But would you? Let me know below whether or not a Durr appeals to you!

Arm with Durr watch
Tell me you would’t look snazzy with one of these on? | Photo from

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