Met in Transit: Isaac

The best part about Thanksgiving Weekend is the opportunity to see family and friends that you maybe haven’t a chance to see in a long while.

However, all of that fun can sometimes be outweighed by the sheer volume of traffic of people. PEOPLE everywhere! But one of the highlights of the crazy-packed holiday travel was a cab driver for Taxi Taxi cab company in Raleigh named Isaac.


As soon as my girlfriend and I boarded the cab he shook our hands and introduced himself–he asked how our weekend went and whether or not we had fun. Things got more interesting though, when he asked him to tell us about himself.

Isaac is from Kenya and still has family there, in a city about two hours south of the capital, Nairobi. Our conversation with him showed us the nation of Kenya in a brand new light. We talked about its climate, and how it’s a little more tropical there. That right now, their winter is more like a North Carolina spring. He talked about his family, and how it has been a while since he last saw them.

Having traveled to Mexico, but never left the continent, talking to him was intriguing as much as it was inspiring. Here was a man who uprooted his life beyond just a national border–across the Atlantic, to a new world. And here he was, as well adapted to American life as anyone can be.

Chalk up another life story to the travels around the state of North Carolina.


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