Met In Transit: A Special

Last Friday, my girlfriend was at her university’s dining hall going (I assume) to grab some early morning noms–a meal otherwise known as breakfast.

While she was there, she decided to strike up a conversation with the university cook who was preparing her omelette: and MAN!

In trying to get conversation started, she commented about it being a Friday, cause who doesn’t like Fridays, right? That’s when the chef blew her mind. Instead of agreeing with her and praising Fridays like the rest of us, he took a different route. He said “I’m just glad because it’s another day…that I’ve lived to see a new day”.


That simple, that clean, that well stated.

I get it, Mondays suck–but a man like that would attempt to find some kind of benefit out of it being a Monday or a Friday or a Thursday afternoon. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t try to channel that kind of enthusiasm either. One of the largest mistakes we make when we start any week is start on the wrong foot–cursing the fact that it’s Monday and dreading the start to the week.

And I get it. I do.

But every day, every week, we’re faced with a choice: we can moan and complain as much as we want or we can suck up and work on making the reality that we are up and about as productive as possible.


It’s nothing to do with being a morning person or a Monday person and all to do with how much passion and energy we choose to put forth. As if a better mood weren’t enough: showing enthusiasm tends to make you a more pleasant person to be around. So try it, put on that *genuine* smile and get the day over with.

You’ll be amazed at how much better the day will become.


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