Why Pressure is the Meaning of Life

CORRECTION (2/17): The Original article referred to Ylvis as one man. Ylvis is a comedy duo.

Those of you who are die-hard Ylvis fans know the magic that is this Norwegian comedy gods. Those of you who don’t need to hear me out:

  1. Contention 1: They discusses the deep mysteries of ancient monuments
  2. Contention 2: They provided pro bono advertising for a US State
  3. Contention 3: They covered the finer points of human anatomy (NSFW)
  4. Contention 4: They charmed us all with a fine ballad
  5. Contention 5: They covered basic physics

Need I say more?

Well too bad: because in contention five, Ylvis taught us all one valuable lesson: pressure is important.

And when you’re in a hostage situation / you gotta put the right amount of pressure on it.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from life it’s that all interactions are akin to ocean waves lapping onto a sunny shore. There’s a certain amount of give and take involved in conversation–especially if its to persuade.

Persuasion is an art, one of the best ways to persuade is to convince the person you’re trying to persuade that your idea was really theirs all along. But since that’s hard, giving them concessions and small victories while being trustworthy and following trough with your own promises is the best way to one’s heart–and trust.

But it won’t happen easily. There has to be a certain amount of effort involved. A common tactic that freshman college students receive is to go to their college’s career fair their first year, target a booth and return to it year after year. By returning and reapplying, their name shows up multiple times and the recruiter sees them as someone who wants the position.

While I’m not saying we should all be undergraduate freshmen, I am saying that we need to be willing to ask and ask again to get what we want.


On the balanced side, there is a certain amount of asking that we can do before it begins to be called stalking, begging, or creepy. Everyone has a different threshold of creepy (AKA, the creepy index) but the cues all tend to be the same: shortness of response, terse sentences, and all that jazz.

Part of the “right amount of pressure” is also knowing when to remove the pressure and let things take their course. Knowing when to stop, in other words.

But if we follow that formula of asking and not asking, we might just get some mad persuasion skills.

And really, that’s what we all want to have in our lives.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lyla says:

    So after watching all this, you still think Ylvis is one person?

    1. raulrgonza says:

      No, Ylvis is the name of the group/comedy team taken from their last name.

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