The Five Senses of Life: Sound

Kids have a evolving perception about word lengths. To them, words like “Vegetable”, “Grandmother”, and “Together” are rather difficult. Then comes high school and college: where words like “2-benzyl-1,1-dichlorocyclobutane”, “prestidigitation”, and “cow” become all the rage.


But in all, the best words I’ve ever heard are the ones contained in these tomes: onomatopoeia.

Onomatopoeia consists of the sounds of our world: and those same sounds are ones that surround us–if we’re wiling to listen.

From the buzz of the bee to the hearty roar of a bus, everything on our planet has a sound, even foxes. But what do we do all too often?



C’MON! The world is so full of sounds and activity! Walking around with headphones on is fun, I’ll admit. There’s nothing better than walking down the sidewalk with your favorite music in your ears–playing you a private concert. But at the same time, by doing that, we’re ignoring the symphony that our lovely planet has laid out for us.

That smörgåsbord of sounds is ours for the taking, if only if only.

Beyond the comforting, blocking out that symphony can also be dangerous. Our ears exist to filter out sounds that can possibly:

eat us


hit us


or have us hit it


Our little built-in sonic detectors are pretty darn useful for more than taking music. We’ve just got to be willing to use them!

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