Met In Transit: Emma

I’m pulling back from my records for this one. I wanted to have at least two people to inaugurate the MIT series so here goes nothin!

Transit Method: Train

My seatmate on this 3 hour train ride from Charlotte to Raleigh was Ms. Emma: a fellow student at NC State and a pretty swell person! A first year, she was still finding her way around the academic-atoinal-isms that the school set out for first years but was close to making up her mind. What really set her apart, though, was the language.


Born in France, she was fluent in English and French–so as a French minor, I was quick to capitalize enter conversation to try out my linguistic abilities. We had a varied conversation about the differences between European and American lifestyles: including the sensitive subject of food portions. As is well known, the French are not too keen on mega portions like we are in the land of the free and the home of the obese.

Those differences are always fascinating and if one of the many reasons why people matter. There’s simply no other way to get that kind of understanding from a textbook. Only through either living it or talking about it with someone who has can we gain a better understanding about our differences and similarities.


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