Met In Transit: Richard

This is a new segment to Why Mondays Are Cool. How often I post on here depends on how often I run into someone while getting from point A to point B. But the basic premise of Met in Transit is to share human stories at a time when they intermingle.

So let’s start with Richard the cab driver. I was on my way from my apartment to the train station to go visit my parents and he picked me up. And lemme tell you, the guy is INTELLIGENT. For the entirety of the cab ride—which lasted 10ish minutes—he and I talked about rail transportation in the United States. He knew policy, technical details, everything concerning rail transit in the US.


I learned a thing or two I didn’t know before boarding that cab. Ultimately, we began dreaming up the perfect rail system (if money and government weren’t an issue). The ideas is to contract out segments of rail to contractors nationwide and have them all start building at the same time. One contractor would have the contract for the construction and subsequent maintenance of the line for a set distance. That contractor would have to be a local company to directly benefit the local economy as well. Hey, it’s fun to dream!

And to think that this conversation began with him asking me whether or not NC State had school on Monday or not—and continued with my efforts to keep the conversation alive.


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