The 5 Senses of Life: Sight

Not to insult all of the other senses, but I rather like my sense of sight. It’s the thing that enables me to appreciate the beauty around me:

The James B Hunt Library on the NC State Campus at night
The James B Hunt Library on the NC State Campus at night


My Girlfriend being silly

or anything else, really.

But there’s one thing in the world that I’d miss the most: the mundane.



For all of the grandeur in our lives and all of the fantastic things that we have in them, there’s a tendency to ignore those things that become everyday and old. In our daily commutes, we pass so much life and energy yet we ignore it. Even those of us who live in suburbs–in miles upon miles of similar-looking houses, the chance to make the mundane magical is abundant.

Sadly, there’s no one-size fits all way to adapt our lives to fit this reality. What I can say is that if we take our powers of sight and find those tiny details in our lives, we can begin to perceive that which was before unperceivable. Take a look at the screen. Admire the the shape of the letter “g”, the way that the shapes meld together into a decipherable message. Look to your left and admire whatever it is is there. Look to your significant other and look for the what you see every day.

The difference is that you have to do it in a new light.

I propose a challenge, then. Starting tomorrow, Monday. Go forth and look at the same things that you always do–but take the extra effort to look at them in a new light. Why this week? Because this week, Monday through Wednesday are ordinary. Thursday is Halloween–a departure from the norm, and Friday is a return to the ordinary, post-haunting.

Challenge accepted? Great! I’ll join you.



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