Flyswatters and Giggles: A Hidden Gem in the City of Raleigh

College is a time of firsts. So one Monday when my freshman year roommate, Marshall, invited me and the rest of our group of friends to an improv comedy club, none of us declined. We agreed to go to the Friday show and even made a reservation. The week passed in a blur of education–but then the time came.

“Here, take these.” Marshall said, shoving a pair of flyswatters–one red and one blue in my hand.

These paddles, to be exact
These paddles, to be exact

Now, normally, when your roommate hands you a pair of colored flyswatters you RUN! Away from the insanity and towards something more concrete. But hey, it’s college.

I tried asking Marshall more about what the place was about or what we could expect but told us nothing beyond a promise that we’d love it. And you know what? He was right!

We walked up to the front door, “ComedyWorx“, it read. In a sketchy-looking building off of Peace Rd, the place looks unassuming.

See it's not that bad! Photo courtesy from
See it’s not that bad! Photo courtesy from


But walking into those doors is walking into a wholesome–and fantastic good time! ComedyWorx sells itself as a family show, they don’t touch anything remotely close to the lewd, cruse, or lascivious–well at least not until the late-night show–and they pull it off with aplomb.

While there, I learned about annoying purple cacti, squishy things, and countless other life skills that, arguably, I could have lived without, but am a better person for having experienced.

See, this place is the place where people like Charlie Todd got started. While still a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Todd began acting at ComedyWorx–and upon graduating founded Improv Everywhere.

If you want HOURS of entertainment on the cheap–tickets start at $12 plus a $1 off if you buy a Paddle of Justice (remember those flyswatters?) and another $2 if you’re a student–I strongly recommend this place. The Worx have become a tradition for our friend group and an important initiation ceremony for us. And for good reason.

Hey, they say that we need laughter in our lives. And to be honest, there’s no better form of comedy than the kind based off of audience reactions. Tearing down the fourth wall is brilliant and makes for a better show. We all love to influence things, so why not our own entertainment.

*Names have been changed to protect identities


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