Paving the Path for Ideas

Ideas sell.

That much we know.

Ideators grow.

It’s easy to tell.

While we can make and force ourselves to create and constantly think of new ideas and contribute to our personal conversation, it’s substantially harder to do the same with multiple people. One of the hardest parts of leadership is rallying the troops to a point where they’re not afraid to give ideas that can help the group grow.


So then, as a leader, we’re left with one of two main options for inspiring growth. The first? Hounding people to contribute. Creating incentives and punishments for those who reach—or don’t—some quota of innovation. But just like we can’t put a price on ideas, we cannot create an economy to try to spur the same thing.

As leaders, we shouldn’t change people’s roles—but their environment. Which leads me to our second option: by fostering a community between coworkers that rewards cooperation, ideas are more naturally spurred, and can grow in the more fertile soil of multiple minds.

However, that does mean that we’re going to have to work harder in the beginning to get that environment built. We have to change ourselves into the kind of leader that rewards others for giving ideas and lets others take leadership roles in their own ideas.

We all work better when we’re more comfortable. So why not work hard now to make as people as possible comfortable. Their ideas will be all the return you’ll need.


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