The Double Standard of the Day

Like most other self-respecting Universities, NC State has a bus system that serves the local area and then some. Like any self-respecting bus line, Wolfline has electronic signs that display messages like “Rt. 6 Carter-Finley”, or “Werewolf”. And like a premium bus-based transportation product, the Wolfline buses swap between the route numbers and other pithy sayings: “Go Pack!”, “Have a great day”, and “Have a nice evening”.

And there’s where the problem starts.


We wish each other a great day, but once the day begins to wane, we begin to downgrade the level of happiness to just…nice. Well nice won’t cut it anymore.

There’s no reason why we shouldn’t challenge ourselves to have a great any-time-of-the-day. It’s our perception towards our quotidian experiences that dictate the direction that our lives and days take. Sure, we can wallow in misery or mediocrity but we are AWESOME!

You are awesome, and it’s time you start acting like it.


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