The 5 Ws of Life: Where

A while ago, I discovered the beauty of Google Flights and spent at least an hour poring over their map of destinations to find out what places I would like to visit and how much it would cost to get there.

What I found out is that flights aren’t exactly cheap. However, there are also multiple paths to get to the same location. And it’s where we are that determines what options are available to us at a given time. Everything has an opportunity cost, but knowing what the cost is at any given time is a critical part of living our lives.


Because sure, we can go down to the pub or the movie theater instead of going to a professional networking event—but while one would be more relaxing, one would help us get further ahead in our career aspirations.

Our task, then, is to determine what we want to do, what we need to do, and what we should do and balance them out in the large scale so that we get things done. There is no definite answer to anything—and in this case, whether the relaxation of friends or the growth of the network is more valuable is dependent not just on the person, but on the situation.

The beauty of living when we do is that we can assign value to things—but that also means that sometimes the most valuable option is the one we’d rather not do.

It’s good.

It’s bad.

It just is.

So if our decisions on where to go dictate our activities, and our activities dictate our actions, which spill over into our lives—directly or indirectly—we have no choice to make some kind of decision then.


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