Lose your __ Virginity Often

Before you attack me.

Let me be clear.

There is an underscore before the word virginity.

First off, being the young and hip whippersnappers that we are, we oft use the term “to lose ones __ virginity” to refer to more than just a steamy rendezvous. We use it to mean doing or trying something for the first time.

Not that we’re on the same page, let’s thrust ourselves into what we can really do to lose our __virginity more often:

First off, our comfort zone is typically small. But the beauty of a comfort zone is that it can grow—and fast. But it takes a clear arousal of interest in trying new things to spur that growth. So what can we do to prepare ourselves—emotionally and physically—to go out and toy around with life?


Well, it takes determination to uncuff ourselves from the familiar. Yes, we’re going to have to be uncomfortable from time to time, but when something pays off it can be immensely pleasurable—in that we may discover a new interest or passion as a result.

My junior year of High School, I got shoved into Debate and Speech. I quickly and vigorously lost my speech virginity—but as I did it more and more and got more and more practice—I found that I was actually pretty skilled in toying with an audiences emotions to lead them to an explosive climax in a speech after which I make my serious point.

But had I not had that first encounter with that competition, I would have never jumped into that area and learned.

So again, make sure it’s safe before you do it.

But do it.

Jump into different arenas and experiences often.
If you find it fun, practice and practice and get good at it.
Because the more you do—and the more often that you do it—the better a person you’ll become.

Ideally, for the best growth, I’d recommend that we do it—or something like it at least once a day.

Have lots of fun!

~I would like to thank my lovely girlfriend, Colleen, and her conversation about her having a waffle for the first time for inspiring today’s WMAC message~


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