The 5 Ws of Life: When

We’ve all got the one friend who was born in the wrong decade—and who, if it weren’t for advances in medical technology, would gladly travel back in time to live in that decade.  Usually, you get the 80s, 70s, 60s, and 20s.


Well, thanks to advances in technology, we can now still not travel back in time! What we can do, however, it become more cognizant of our own time and start to craft it into the perfect representation and launching point for our future endeavors.

And that’s pretty darn close to a TARDIS or a McLaren in my book.

So let’s start: How do we use time today?

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How would we like to spend our time?



BBQ Car with Kayak PNC Building Tent Wolf-cub-howling-animal-cubs-28137453-1024-768

See a difference?


So what can we do differently? Well, like time itself, let’s start at the beginning. Everything we do is a result of a choice—whether or not that choice was made by us is beside the point. We may not necessarily be in charge of what happens to us, but we are the sole proprietors of our time streams.

That means that our choices dictate our time expenses. Like a business choosing the investments that put them on the path to growth, we alone must take the initiative to start! Again, all we have to do is stop.

Look at how we spend our time and days and judge ourselves on it—if we are happy (which is different from being content) with our judgment, then we continue on our merry way. But if not, when why keep on that path? Something has to change, no?

After all, we only live once….


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