The 5 Ws of Life: What

I never thought I’d pick up Parkour.

And yet, there I was: walking down the Brickyard during my school’s involvement fair when I saw something that caught my eye. After talking to the Parkour team and deciding that I didn’t really want a case of the Freshman 15, I joined. And to this day, I don’t regret it.

Almost instantly, I was thrown into a whirlwind series of basic maneuvers and motions that would lay the foundation for my future moves—and future injuries. While I’m not an expert, I do love the company and camaraderie of the team on the NC State campus.

There’s a reason people say “try things while you’re in college”. It’s because, as Mumford and Sons sing in their song “Awake My Soul”, /Where you invest your love, you invest your life/. What you decide to do—as a hobby, as a career, as a person—is a major factor in who you are. I, for example, am a member of the Clown Nose Club, the Parkour team, the International Business Club (though they haven’t had meetings), am hobby-blogger, and am hobby language-learner. That says Boeing loads about who I am. And the same applies to you and your neighbors.


So with that in mind, how can we better leverage our use of time to make the most out of life? Well, it’s good to start with experimentation. The status quo can only stay useful for a few years at most before it begins to stop being truly useful.

While I’m not saying we should stop doing what works, I am saying that we should always be on the lookout for something—some bad habit or non-current skill that we can either modernize or reinvent.

Beyond that, the activities that we pursue influence the people that we meet. Think. Are the people you hang out with, work with, or live with conducive towards your goals? If so, GREAT! If not, think about where those people come from—odds are high that the majority of those with whom you don’t align stem mostly from one or two activities in which you met them in. You don’t necessarily have to cut them off, but you should consider picking up an activity, a club, or a civic organization with people who can help you get there—where ever there is.

A challenge: write down the activities you participate in. If you’re in school: this means your major or major intentions, your clubs and volunteer organizations, your hobb(y/ies), your religion (or lack thereof), and other activities that define you. If you work: your position, your workplace, your clubs and civic organizations, your children/spouse and anything from the student list. For both: your friends.

Take them, write them down and make a judgment on yourself. Positive or negative, it will shed some light on you—and can help you lay the next steps to help you grow.

Where you invest your love may be where you invest your life, but it’s pretty easy to divest yourself—and reinvest in something else. Because where you invest your life—you invest the very core of your being.


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