The 5 Ws of Life: Who

We like to live our lives. Living is a good, healthy part of this complete breakfast. But unlike breakfast, we never really receive any guidance about what constitutes a healthy serving size for life.

Well, prepare to receive the first ever serving size calculator for living life. In our lives, like in the breaking of our fasts, we can choose from an astronomically high number of options from which to choose to form our proverbial breakfast. And if any ingredient formed the backbone of our breakfasts, it’s the entrée…thing course. And if there was any metaphor for the entrée that can apply here, it’s people.

Despite there being countless opinions about the people we should dedicating our lives towards, among the most popular ones is “me”. Well, they’re wrong. So now that we’ve established that fact, what can we really do about it? Seeing as we’re introverted and extroverted and shy and outgoing and easy going and competitive—there’s no one set method of division as much as there is one correct answer. We have to choose how much of our lives we want to dedicate to ourselves and how much we want to dedicate to others. Keep in mind that it can, will, and must change with the times.


One thing is certain: if we were to spend time lookin out for number one and only doing things that provide us with a benefit, we would never really advance beyond our teeny shell. However, if we break out, at least from time to time, and partake in something bigger than ourselves, then our possibilities would stretch as much as we stretched ourselves.

So then, what is the proper mix? It depends on our levels of engagement and our tolerances of others. While we do have to stay engaged to not get bored and feel productive, nothing can be just as engaging as something and oftentimes can be more fulfilling than another social marathon. On the other side, nothing can be boring, and useless. Really, it comes down to our own personality types and preference to show us our own paths and preferences. From there, we can divvy up the time accordingly.

You deserve time to yourself as much as your best friend does of your time. Remember that and find your own happiness.


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