Tasting a World of Possibilities

One of the things about living in a dorm is the difficulty of accessing a proper sink. I’m SO glad to be living in an apartment—simply because it’s far easier to keep things clean. But as for some of my friends who live in dorms still, I get the pain. A friend of mine recently, having a bin-ful of dirty dishes but no desire to clean them, re-used the spoon she used for her coffee to eat her pistachio ice cream.

She talked about it for hours on end!


But that’s what she did: she took something that was dirty, something that most people would think to just chuck until it was clean again, and turned it into a major positive. We’re prone to something called functional fixedness, whereby we can’t think of another use for a thing beyond that thing we’re so used to doing with it. The traditional use, and as nice and pretty as tradition is, only by daring to break it can we uncover new ways to do the same or same ways to do new things. In our lives we always have something that we’ve done the same way just…because. We’re so used to doing it that it becomes second nature to us. That’s where we have the most potential to grow!

So people! Look! Find something you’ve never really thought about and go forth and discover!


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