The Power of Top-Notch BS

Back in High School Forensics days, I competed in an event called Impromptu Speaking–where competitors had 2 minutes to craft a 3-5 minute speech from a randomly-drawn slip of paper with a word or string of words. Historically, the best competitors were those who could well withstand the pressure of the time restrictions, could speak naturally under pressure, and were skilled in the powers of bullsh!t.

It gets such a bad reputation, too.


To improve its reputation, we have to learn to use it properly, though. If we learn to use BS as a tool for holding a conversation with our own minds and in turn to transform those conversations into brilliance then we can transform the way that we process information and come up with various and sundry things. Looking for connections between concepts is the point of a brainstorming, after all.

Just like a cow’s poo is used as a fertilizer, what we create out of our so-called BS can fertilize any good brainstorming session. All it takes is the conscious effort to try to make connections between ideas and thoughts.


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