Mile One

When I lived in California, my family and I would pack up the ol’ Caravan and drive down from my hometown of San Jacinto to the Pearl of the West: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. The 1502 mile journey would take us thorough miles of the Sonora desert and past the Tropic of Cancer.

Back then, I didn’t know how to drive to save my life (though it my life utterly depended on it, I could probably wing it), so my dad drove allllllll the way there. All 1502 of those miles. Contrary to popular belief, a journey of 1000 miles does not begin with a single step. It begins by being born.


Had I wanted to drive for even a portion of those miles, it’s the first thing I had to before I could even be considered to be unleashed behind any wheel. I first had to learn about the world around me, and all of its complications. Just like a college degree is needed before many kinds of work–there’s a certain amount of knowledge to be learned before moving on to the next step.

Too often, it seems, we want to rush into doing something with reckless disregard to the knowledge we need to begin to even dream about tackling somethings. Before we can climb Mount Everest, we have to learn to lift our heads. Like dominoes painstakingly lined up only to be pushed by our sadistic little brother, mastery of one skill set leads to the discovery and perfection of another. Everything we do is interconnected through experience, and sometimes the things that we do for kicks and giggles (or as I say, Kicks and gigs) can prove to be useful in some unexpectedly delightful way.

Human beings don’t hatch ready to work–they develop into something. With that in mind: let’s start small, pick up skills at ever turn, and together let’s turn ourselves into the best darn Carbon-based life forms this universe has ever known!


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