Keep your eye on the second hand


As of right now, that’s the amount of time each of us has on this rocky little outcropping. That’s 78.7 years, according to the CDC. That’s a lot of time! And here we are: 15, 20, more years into our lifespan. As we rapidly approach the point where problems start to appear– some of us may already be there–we begin to form our ways of responding to the various and sundry sources of strife in our daily lives.

Typically, there are two responses: the jump up and begin to solve problems response and the more common get-to-it-later response. I get it, we’re busy people–and we’ve all decided at some point or another to put solving a problem aside until the time is right. Then we do it again. And again. And again.

And again.

Never do we set up some kind of scale to measure how bad the problem is nor do we give it much import. Invariably, something else happens, pushing whatever was bothering us further down the line and forcing us to do the same thing as last time. Well folks we’ve got to break the cycle. Unless we start making small changes now we’re never going to get anywhere near finding a solution. Like climbing Mt. Everest, we have to take baby steps to prepare for tackling the formidable hill of our issues. We create our own ideal conditions, which do require a bit of effort. But the payoff from doing that is a life with problems that have been pre-greased–the more you grease your pan the easier things become to remove, and the more your scrape at your problems the easier they are to fix.

In the end, the key is to know that something’s trouble when it walks in, no shame on you. Trouble will fly you to places you’ve never been till it puts you down. You’ve got to know it’s trouble–to pick up on it and begin to take steps to solve it. Don’t end up lying on the cold hard ground. Take action now.



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