The eye of the storm is a much nicer place

The eye of the storm may not necessarily the nicest place to be, but compared to being constantly buffeted by high winds and torrential rains, being in the calm center is rather nice.

In this time of strong feelings and emotions, let’s slow down a little.

We’re all guilty on a daily basis of jumping to conclusions on things that are often much more convoluted than we could ever have dreamed. While we’re entitled to our opinion, it matters little if we don’t listen to those who have the polar opposite one. In physics, one of the first things students learn is that forces add and subtract: they either amplify or cancel each other out. In order to be truly level-headed as a nation and as an individual–we must become experts at seeking out more than a variety of perspectives. We have to learn how to get the one we’ve been dreading to hear in order to truly begin to grow.

Those polar opposite opinions are the same ones that can potentially help cancel out any negative effects in our own thoughts. Why? Not because they open new doors or expose us to new perspectives. Everyone says that and while it may be true, it’s not the real reason why the magic behind new perspectives is so heavily talked about in self-help-y things. No, the real reason that dread opinion will help you so is its ability to tear down our argument. Even if we can hold our own in a debate, really listening to the argument will help us find holes in our own logic. It’s those weaknesses that, if fixed, can help us become better people.

Sure, it’ll hurt. But it hurts more the older we get. Best to get the hard stuff done early.Stay Calm


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