We may be smart–but it doesn’t mean we’re intelligent

Know Things

Intellijunce. Its a smal part of who we r. Ok, so bad grammar aside, all too often we chase the wrong vision of smarts.

Being smart does not make us intelligent, just like being intelligent does not make us smart. So where’s the line?


Right here. On one side of the line are smarts: having a lot of information crammed into a head. Being able to list of arcane minutiae and having the answers to many if not all situations. It’s a great skill to have .Smarts are something that can be easily acquired through studies. It’s the theory behind pretty much everything in the world.

That being said, it’s one thing to know how to fly a plane. It’s a whole ‘nother thing to be strapped in the left seat of an airliner with the yoke in your hands. One you can do in the safety of your room. The other, however, can only be gained by going out there. By making mistakes. Through experience.

And it’s through experience that we gain another vital skill: wisdom. One of the key marks of intelligence is an abundance of knowledge with ample wisdom on how to use it. This goes beyond being book smart or street smart: this involves the use of life experience to be able to judge events and to determine the best course of action. No one is an expert in this–no one can be. But our only hope is that we get good enough at it.

So what are you waiting for? Go forth! Step away from those books and build your intelligence!


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