A chance to make someone smile!

Let’s face it, we love to complain. When we get down to it, it’s easy to realize just how many things go wrong. But, if we really get down to it, it’s amazing how many things go right.  No one knows the first part of this statement better than customer service agents: in fact, I’m sure that none of us (me included) have ever called in to praise the product or service—though I’m also sure we’ve all pretty much thought of it at some point. Sure, it may not be as much of a mood lifter as a personal compliment—but people do care about their job, which in turn means that they do care about hearing good things about their company.

So why don’t we challenge ourselves to brighten someone’s day in a more obscure way. Find something you love to use, it doesn’t matter what it is, call their customer service, and let them know! Maybe we can get them to see that the latter part of that statement is true after all…

Happy hunting!


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